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The Texas A&M AAPG Student Chapter is officially affiliated with the greater American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) organization. We are student-run, and have membership which extends to undergraduate and graduate students interested in the petroleum geosciences at Texas A&M University.
SPECIAL NOTICE: last update March 9, 2020
In the interest of the health and safety of all of our student members in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cancelling all events for the Spring 2020 semester  and are postponing others until further notice. Officer elections will be conducted online only--applications open Friday, March 20, 2020 and end Friday, March 27, 2020
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The Chevron Corporation is the current sponsor of AAPG's Corporate Sponsorship Program. Chevron Corporation will cover membership dues. 

To register:

  1. Visit http://www.aapg.org/about/membership/types/student  

  2. Select “I'd like to join as a student member” at the bottom.

  3. Create an account, and register your student membership.

  4. When prompted, your faculty advisor is Juan Carlos Laya (email: layajc@geos.tamu.edu)

  5. After completing the application, you should wait to get an email (typically takes 2-4 weeks) that will contain your membership ID. 

  6. You need to send your ID number to our email (tamu.aapg@gmail.com) along with your name and expected graduation date in order to get credit for meetings and events!

Membership Renewal (for current members annually)


  1. Visit http://www.aapg.org/about/membership/types/student  

  2. Select “Please renew my student membership” at the bottom.

  3. Complete the form, e-sign, and submit.

  4. Followup within 2-4 weeks with confirmation of renewal.

We are so excited you want to join us!

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